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Street murals

The street art

The first official mural in Banja Luka was in 2012. It is less known than those whose follow it. I think it is more about location.

The three other murals were in one central street call Bulevar vojvode Zhivojina MiĊĦica, across elementary school "Branko Copic", in Birik urban neighborhood. That street is directly connected with downtown. That street follows street from city center (where is Banski dvori, Palace of Republika Srpska and The Academy of Sciences and Arts of the Republika Srpska). If you coming from city center follow those buildings and go straight. Look on your right side and eventually, you will notice the big mural on the five-floor residential building.

In 2014 Banja Luka gets its second mural. It calls Find Your Way to Fly.

  1. 3 mural by Etam Cru (2015.)
The mural is hyper-realism creation and its look like some strange objects taking off from the wall with help of balloons. It is 180 square meters big and it is work of two mural artists from the region: Artez from Belgrade, Serbia, and Lonac from Zagreb, Croatia.

On the making of this mural, it was needed 200 cans of paint.

The organizer of the project is artist organization "Flaster". This gigantic art piece is dedicated to tragically died girl from Banja Luka Tamara Cvetkovic. She was one of the pioneers of this type of art in Republika Srpska.

Fondest memory: Even art is not productive work in this country still here find its way to being part of everyday life.

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Favorite thing: Banja Luka is one of the centers of art in the country. There is Academy of Art within the University of Banja Luka but also many other relevant institutions, organization, and interesting free artists and art pieces

Within the city, you can find many sculptures, monuments, and graphite. Banja Luka was an inspiration and despite all odds still one of few places within the country there is art part of everyday life and even part of its touristic offers.

In Petar Kocic park, in front of Museum of Republika Srpska and in front of Museum of contemporary art of Republika Srpska you can find many sculptures mostly from stone and some of them were the gifts from the Artistic colony in Krupa na Vrbasu.

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